The Philosopher's Other Stone

Good morning, love, and happy anniversary
Another thirteenth since the day you said yes

You remembered, you sly one
How many has it been since we tied that knot

It’s been seven years, I feel an itch
The same old itch you love to scratch

You better let me scratch and no other
Or there’s a frying pan here for you

You’ve still got your fire, my love
I don’t want any other, just scratch like you do

The fire keeps burning for you, love
Let’s celebrate with wine and dancing

That sounds like a great plan for the night
Until we get the kids out of our hair

I hear them now, giggling and running
Kiss me now before the games begin

Let’s share a sweet little moment
Before they demand to be let in

The life we’ve made is a good one
I hope our little ones find such joy

But for now it’s still our turn
The day for The Talk is yet far away

Well, what have we here? Little munchkins!
And a tray full of breakfast to start off the day

Bless the little ones, or maybe not
They could have cut us some slack on this day

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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