The Philosopher's Other Stone
The Talk

Well, we knew this day would come
Danielle asked me where babies come from

They nearly caught us in the act
We’ll need to face them with the facts

Do you think they’re old enough?
This is the stuff that’s really tough

It’s time, we need to let them know
Get them ready for when their bodies grow

I don’t want to scare them
but they do need to know

Maybe we should buy them a book
So that they could take a first look

I think we should face it
Just tell them the basics

And how to stay well out of trouble
We’ll need to burst their childhood bubble

You talk to Frank and I’ll talk to Danielle
I dread this, but hope I can explain it well

Here’s hoping our words will do, though
It would be awkward if they asked for a show

Maybe I need a refresher
Just so I don’t misinform her

Go straight to the bedroom, do not cross go
And this time around let’s lock up the door

You caught my drift, love, do not despair
Quickly let’s sprint to our love nest upstairs

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