The Philosopher's Other Stone

Are you serious, my love?
are we going to be a family?

The doctor says it’s the case
a bundle of joy on the way!

A bundle of joy, a girl or a boy?
if it’s a boy, let’s call him Frank!

It’s much too early to tell
but boy or girl - Frank or Danielle!

Let’s just see what will be
no matter what, we’re gonna be three

If it’s Frank and he’s lucky
he’ll have your devilish grin

If it’s Danielle with your curves
she’ll lead all the guys into sin

Ah, well, whichever it is
let’s just hope for good health

We’ll bring out a toast with milk then
I’ll be sure to share all your troubles

I’m pretty nervous about this
I don’t know how to raise kids!

I only know from my youger siblings
we’ll ask the old folks and play it by ear

Oh, a little girl to dance with
her toes balanced on mine

Or a little boy to teach football
and trouble the window panes with

We’ll cherish all of the firsts
and kiss away the hurts

Let’s make sure we’ll see it through
our little one and me and you

It won’t be all rainbows and puppies
but we’re sure to have plenty of fun

So here’s to our future together
and family life with our little one!

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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me: bold text

  1. contrarycate said: aaw this is so endearing :)
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