The Philosopher's Other Stone

It’s so beautiful here and warm
look at this bathtub - it’s giant!
(Oh, I hope I still look good in my bikini)
our room is right on the beach

It’s been so long since we’ve been here
and I think we were overdue, don’t you think?
I agree on the bathtub - your bikini can wait
we can enjoy the view and just kick back

Are you sure? We could sip drinks by the surf?
Whatever you want, dear
so long as you’re happy
I’ll just unpack

Let me help you with the chores
and get in a proper holiday mood
our worries are left far behind
just lay back, and relax

OK, honey. I’ll try to relax
maybe a drink with a parasol in it will help
I’ll just put these clothes in the closet
that bath you’re running smells lovely

Lavender, just as you like it
I’ll make some more drinks for us
the water is nice and ready
ease yourself into the tub and enjoy

It’s a big tub, lover
so do hurry back
Ah, the water is nice
I think I’m relaxed

You’re so beautiful
with that smile you wear
there’s no one I’d rather share
this moment with - here’s to us!

Kiss me right here
and squeeze me tight
with no kids and no worries
we can do this right

It seems so long ago that I held you like this
I’ve been missing these moments
with no worries, just bliss

And once we are home
let’s not forget this
Father Time plays his tricks
but we can weather him

And let’s remember how we started
let’s rekindle our affections
and take them with us
as we carry on

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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