The Philosopher's Other Stone
First Poem

My tape must have moved him
he’s responded in writing!
I’m a little nervous to read it
but, wow! how romantic!

We keep seeing each other
and I lie awake at night
hear your laugh ring in my ear
yes, I “Wish You Were Here”

What a start! I’m all jelly
heart pounding in my chest
but I have to be careful
these guys can be tricky

Dad talked to me at length
the wise old owl that he is
if I was so sure about it, said he,
it shouldn’t be “You and I”, but “We”

Talked to his father? Wow
I’m a little freaked out now.
he’s so cool and mature
what makes this guy tick?

"The night is still young"
and so are we, yeah, another song
there’s so much life before us still
if this works, I’ll be yours if you will

Is he asking to go steady?
that’s kind of old-fashioned
how cute and how sexy
are those butterflies in my belly?

We’ve had our “Tomorrow” already
and I feel there’s more to you
than I felt for someone before
you’ve been all over me
and still i want more

He wants more - I’m giddy
this sounds like it’s for real
a “Magic Carpet Ride” but
more than just a thrill
now I hope he calls me
before I burst.

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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