The Philosopher's Other Stone
Mix Tape

Your note says:

I hope you don’t mind
but I made you a mix tape
after the other night
just listen to it when you can

With your words in my head
I sit here listening
thinking, thinking of you
all the time

When we’re not together
so you’ll know that I “Miss You”
maybe we can get “Comfortably Numb” together
it’s up to you

Up to me, you said, and we both know
there’s two to dance this tango
lead me on, as I lead your step
our latest memory still fresh
always on my mind

I just have a “Lust for Life”
and I’m ready to “Surrender” my heart
I’d go “Over the Hills and Far Away” with you
‘cause I “Can’t Get Enough” of your “TNT”

And you put my fave Gary Moore on here, too
but I won’t have to return, I’m not even gone
nor will I run any time soon if we go on like this
are you the one I want or the one I need
or maybe both at the same time?

But sometimes I just need “Somebody to Love”
because I’m an “American Girl”
who knows what she wants
I’ve had my heart broken but
I’m “Back in the Saddle”

It took all my courage to talk to you
and I’m not sure how I did it
you touch my heart like you mean it
I just want you here with me right now

And as I made this I kept thinking
“I Wish You Were Here”
but I don’t wanna be your “Second Hand News”
and I didn’t want to give you
a bunch of “Silly Love Songs”

"Two lost souls swimming in a fish-bowl"
before we met - how things have changed
since I gave you that first tape
just a few days ago

You just might be my “Magic Man”
and maybe you’ll speak “Closer to the Heart”
than the others have
and I hope you’ll “Call Me”
when you’re ready to “Give a Little Bit”

I’ll make a tape for you now, with my choices,
to drive the message home without any doubt
expect “Sure Know Something” right at the start
my way to say “You’re it.”

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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