The Philosopher's Other Stone

You caught my eye in maths today
Wanna go see Kiss tonight?
They’ve got a no-name opener
I think Bon Jovi they’re called

I don’t know, man
do you have a car and stuff?
I don’t usually date guys my age
but I guess Kiss is pretty okay

In the meantime, have a tape
Just a few songs, to get you
in the mood, and maybe a message
‘cause I love those curls

You made me a mix tape?
wow, that’s cool, I guess
got any Sabbath on there?
OK, we could go have some fun

Let’s put on Meatloaf
And be dead ringers
Let’s find paradise
by the dashboard light

I know what you’ve heard
but I’m not that kind of girl
still, you’re pretty cute
wanna share my gum?

Go on, turn me on
The night’s still young
and so are we
let’s go nowhere fast right now

Well, maybe I should hear the tape
got a tape deck in your car? Cool.
your hands wander a lot. Play the tape.
Oh, man! I love Zeppelin! OK. Let’s make out.

I want to keep you like this
want to see the morning together
save the future for another day
‘cause tonight you belong to me

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

Jacqueline: plain text
me: bold text

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