The Philosopher's Other Stone

Candy dreams for her
our little girl’s first Halloween
should she be a princess, like her mom
or a little devil, like her pop?

Little devil junior is fast asleep
and you’re my princess alright, love
would she be a princess, too,
or maybe a little wicked witch?

Perhaps she’d like to fly on a broom
rather than dance with princes
she’s truly my child if she flies
perhaps we should let her decide

There’s an old broom in the tool-shed
I can cut it right down to size
she’ll make a great little witch
if she wants to, let’s ask her mind

I swayed her with tales of magic
a witch is her choice
a pint-sized broom will be perfect
and I’ll fashion the rest

She’ll want a black pointy hat
like all proper witches do
and maybe a black cloak as well
all set up, she’s ready to go

The candy’s in the bowl
and the baby’s in the cradle
off you go on your quest for treats, child
and your treat, devil, awaits you here

What a treat you are, princess
let’s hope the doorbell’s quiet
get out your witchy tricks
and let’s have a good time

I’ll dispense the candies to little goblins
until you return, then
it’s off with the porch light
trick-or-treat, indeed, love

Collaboration with Martin (thephilosophersotherstone)

His words in bold type.
My words in plain type.

He’s the best. <3

  1. howlingfury said: im jelly :p I want to do another with you! :p