The Philosopher's Other Stone
Picture Box

Please sit here beside me
let’s open this box
brimming with memories
in red, blue and green

Let’s take a good look
at the past we share
remember the places
see again all the faces

Please stoke that fire
to keep the chill at bay
oh, here’s one at the beach!
Remember that day?

The bonfire on the beach
and the night that followed
heady days when we were young
and you still have that figure

Oh, you devil, so young,
indeed, kissing under stars
a fire for warmth from cool breezes
I recall night swimming, too

Our first holiday together
these old memories still vivid
with the ocean all around us
we were cradled in the sea

Dear, this toddy you made me
has gone straight to my head
should we reprise those tunes
revisit those golden shores

I feel the spirits, too, my dear
why don’t we sit a little closer
as close as we were on that day
I wonder if I still know the song

Shhhh! You’ll wake up the children!
but do move a bit closer
this fire glowing orange
is setting the scene for us

That amber glow on your hair
and these cracking embers
bring it all right back to me
such a beautiful time we shared

Let’s go there again, love
we’ll plan it all out
in the mean time, tonight
let this blaze guide us

Let’s make those plans tomorrow
come closer still, my love
and have our memories overtake us
let’s be together here and now

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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