The Philosopher's Other Stone
The Trouble With You

You most certainly trouble me
you’re messy and slovenly

You’re no better than me
your hair gets everywhere

Well, perhaps you’ll consider, dear
sweeping the trimmings from your beard?

Maybe I should, and sweep some more
and bunch up your messy hair as well

If you dare to bunch up my hair
you might consider tugging it

I’m no schoolboy to tug your hair
but I think I need to remind you, dear

You buried your heart in these long locks
would you have me cut them off, love?

Just put it to one side, your lovely mess
you want me on your neck, pave the way

Ha! Perhaps I should re-pave the driveway
the concrete has long crumbled to bits

So that’s where you’re heading already
didn’t think you were in such a hurry

I wouldn’t rush off without you
were you to keep your promises

Promises, more promises, you ask a lot
a ring, a home, and my love you already got

Ah, so love me and love me so
these routines become tedious without you

Do you think we’re stuck in a rut?
then let’s get away and take a vacation

Just pick up and go, like real people?
would you take me away for a while?

Sure, when was the last time we had time
for ourselves and not a care in the world

Oh, but the cat and the dog and bird
and the kids and the bills and the work

We’ll ask your parents or mine
for a week or two they’ll be fine

Two weeks! Have you gone mad?
as if you could you stand me so long

I’m still here with you and your demands
why would I run if we want to fix this

You surprise me, darling
I thought we were fighting

Of course we are, we always fight
I’m just trying some new moves, my dear

More like a whirlwind, I’m off my guard
maybe this battle we both can win

Another chance to mend things
we’re in this for life, wanna give it a try?

We’ve made a tenacious home
let’s tidy it up and fly!

Collab with Jacqueline (allotherlovers)

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