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Writer’s Block? Suggestions.

If you feel you need to write but can’t, it’s usually because your conscious is getting in the way of your subconscious where your ideas are at work. You can help yourself: Take a pen and your notebook or some paper, and turn off your TV and anything loud. Have a moment of silence, and then put on very calm music, sit down with some tea or coffee or any other hot drink, close your eyes and just listen. Listen to the music, look at the images it creates in your mind, and dive in as far as you can. Listen like this as long as you feel comfortable, ideally, a little over a quarter of an hour, until you feel as calm as the music. Then, take your pen and notebook along and go for a walk. Walk slowly, and look. Look at the scenery, or the people, or the buildings, take in all the images and notice the details. What colour is the scarf of the man hurrying from the cold? How do the leaves overlap in that shrub? What does the pattern of the rust on that fire escape remind you of? Walk for a while, with an open mind, and turn your conscious on the world around you. Then return home, turn on some more calm music, have another tea or coffee, close your eyes, and let the pictures of your walk mingle with the pictures from the music. The reason you still hold your writing tools is because if at any moment, no matter where you are on this mini-trip, words form, you need to be ready for them. Jot down single words, phrases, streams of consciousness whenever anything strikes you. Later on, look at your notes in that calm state, and see what matches.

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